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Our Oxford Maine location has many SPECIALS not listed online.

Goliath - 36 Shells (As low as $90 + Earn AAH®POINTS™)
Excalibur 60 Gram Canister - 24 Shells (As low as $65 + Earn AAH®POINTS™)

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Please Note: Online stock levels do not represent stand stock levels. Our stands are stocked with select fireworks.


Pull String Color Smoke Grenade, SB
Our great pull-string smoke grenades now come in red, white, blue, green, yellow, and purple.
Poopy Puppy
A great novelty that is sure to give your friends and family a chuckle.  This dog misbehaves with a red flare to black snake before a crackle finale.

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24s Angled HDPE Rack
24 shot angled HDPE rack
Cracker Barrel - Pack 4/1
4 pcs per pack A real noise maker, the crackling lasts about 2 minutes, its truly worth the price!

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World's Strongest Fountain
One of our most popular larger fountains, World's Strongest starts slow with red stars and chrysanthemums, blue stars and chrysanthemums, green stars and white flowers , with a jaw dropping silver star and jumbo silver crackling finale.

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9 shots
Speed Balls - Box 24/6
144 pcs per box Speed Balls firework from World Class. Back by popular demand! Also known by the names Zipz and Zippers, this item spins on the ground and then launches into the air with a loud zipping noise for a surprise finale.Make sure you buy extra b

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Aloha Time
Red green yellow blue purple silver fish.

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