About Us

Andre Vandenbulcke started stocking and unloading trailers at Fireworks Over the Border, Inc. in Seabrook, New Hampshire at the age of 14. He graduated from Gould Academy in Bethel, Maine in 2000 and started managing Fireworks Over the Border, Inc. In 2006 Andre flew to Liuyang, Hunan China to learn more about the import and export trade business. Soon after the trip he designed his first catalog and AAH® Fireworks was born.

In 2009 Vandenbulcke started retail firework stands in San Antonio, Texas during the New Years and 4th of July selling seasons. He distributes his brand AAH® Fireworks currently to customers in 9 states. Andre Vandenbulcke resides in Bethel, Maine with his partner Lydia and their four boys.

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