Loyalty Rewards


Every $300 spent on fireworks (excluding tax & purchases by the case) receive $30. in-store credit.
Earning AAH®POINT™ throughout the year will unlock additional deals and more FREE stuff!!!
Combine your spending with our New! Big Spender Program (Retail Sales Only) to receive more FREE Fireworks!!!
Online customers Do Not checkout as a guest if you want to take advantage of our programs.
AAH® Rewards are only available at this time to online customers and customers shopping at our Maine location.


Terms and Conditions
  • No annual or signup fee.
  • AAH®Points™ accrue and never expire. $1 spent = 1 AAH®POINT™
  • Reward credits expire on Jan 1st of every year.
  • Reward credits are available on your next purchase.
  • Past receipts cannot be added to an account.
  • AAH® reserves the right to change or alter the Loyalty Rewards Program at any time.


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