Watch as these Helicopters scream and soar deep into the sky, leaving sparks of color as it ascends higher and higher.

Space Flyer - Pack 6/1
6 pcs per pack These little guys get sky high! Light the Space Flyer and watch as it spins and shoots off into outer space.
Lady Bugs, CE - Pack 3/1
3 pcs per pack The lady bugs take flight and emit a wonderful array of color as they disappears into the night sky.

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Artificial Satellite, BM - Box 12/12
144 pcs per box Spin into the air.
Speed Balls - Box 24/6
144 pcs per box Speed Balls firework from World Class. Back by popular demand! Also known by the names Zipz and Zippers, this item spins on the ground and then launches into the air with a loud zipping noise for a surprise finale.Make sure you buy extra b

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