How to fuse a fireworks show

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How to fuse a fireworks show


1. Find a proper base to attach fireworks. A cheap and easy way is to attach to broken open cardboard boxes. If you have access to pallets or particle board that will give you a sturdy base to transport the fireworks.


2. Find fuse of a few different speeds We recommend purchasing at least canon fuse 23-24 seconds a foot and a fast fuse to move quickly from one board to the next. Most 200 gram cakes average 15 - 25 seconds duration. Most 500 gram cakes average 30 - 45 seconds. For exact duration see our product pages and click "Specifications" button to get exact durations for every cake and fountain.


3. Map out your firework placement on cardboard. Glue base of firework with wood glue or some other adhesive. Then use duct tape or metal tape to tape edges of fireworks to base.


4. Attach all fuses to the delayed pilot fuse. Use 2 zip ties when attaching fuses for added reliability. Aim all ends of fuses towards your ignition point.


5. When fusing is complete, use metal tape to tape all fuse down to the cardboard to prevent any cross ignition between fireworks.


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