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Dino - AAH Fireworks
Sky Bacon


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7 shots each 
6 assorted Dinos to choose from:
T-Rex; silver tail to silver fish.
Velociraptor; gold tail to gold star, silver tail to silver star, green tail to green star.
Stegosaurus; red tail to red star, silver tail to whistling, green tail to green star.
Triceratops; red tail to whistling, red tail to red star and white strobe.
Pterodactyl; red star to strobe, green tail to green strobe, gold tail to time rain.
Megalosaurus; gold tail to gold strobe, red tail to color peony, green tail to whirlwind.

Duration: 12 Seconds
# of Shots: 7 Shots
Retail Packing: 1 PC
Case Packing: 8/6 Assorted
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