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Bacon Adult Snaps - Box 30/20

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The snaps give a super-loud BANG.  Also known as adult snappers, mandarin red crackers, torpedoes, or pop pop fireworks.  Bacon Snaps are commonly known as an adult snaps or fuse less fireworks.  They are a friction sensitive firework that operate similar to a snap pop.  In other words, they are thrown against a hard, or ground.  Since they are friction sensitive, extra care is needed in storage to prevent a fall from height.  Spirit suggests the following with regard to the handling, storage and care of this product: Because of the friction sensitive nature of this product it should be handled with care to avoid any unintended drop.  Avoid storing or displaying at any height greater than four feet.

Retail Packing: 1 box
Wholesale Packing: 10/30/20
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